Why We Love to Travel

We love to travel and have been fortunate to enjoy fun, relaxation, and adventure which has given us a much-appreciated view of our world around us.  Our first trip to Europe was when I was in college.  It was so exciting and new and something we had never seen before, we were addicted and excited all at once, and knew we would be back as soon as possible.  Since then we have traveled to new places, places that have become our favorites and lots in between yearly and live for the excitement.  Witnessing both cultural differences and similarities firsthand has enriched our lives in countless ways.  We love to share stories of our travels on our blog... come join us! we will share the things that never cease to inspire us, like what people are wearing, how they combine looks, how they eat what it smells likein the Spring....you know, all the important stuff. 

See you soon!
Leigh and Susan

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