Why We Exist

Why do we do it? Because we LOVE it!  Jewelry has been a passion for my mom, Susan, and me our whole lives.  I remember sitting with my grandmother and looking through her costume jewelry and just caressing each lovely piece of rhinestoned bliss and thinking, I want it all!  

We created our last business, Leighelena, in a very spirited Texas way.  We started by using enamel that Susan taught me to do when I was just a kid, while she used it on her larger pieces of artwork for the home.  We then began using specialty leathers to create exciting and lovely jewelry and accessories and we had a blast doing that for over 15 years, handcrafted right here in Texas.  

Now we are thrilled to offer jewelry that is accessible to everyone, that is made with quality materials and is simple but chic.  We are very proud of the quality, the price, and the accessibility we can offer with our new line, Dawn & Dusk.  Have questions?  Ask us!  We are here and excited to help put the right mix together for YOU!

Leigh and Susan

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