Leigh and Susan Navarro have been designing and making jewelry and artwork for decades. Susan started her art-making business in the 1970s, creating wild and exciting wall hangings that were innovative and especially important to the time and backdrop of the Seventies-era Southwestern United States. Leigh started selling her handcrafted jewelry as a kid, right alongside her mom, Susan, at art shows in West Texas, New Mexico and throughout the Southwest. Leigh and Susan used what they had learned over the years to create a successful line of enamel and leather jewelry in the mid aughts, and now have set their sights on creating Dawn & Dusk.

By working with crafts people in the USA and around the world, Leigh and Susan have created D&D. It is a beautiful demi-fine line of jewelry that is both trendy and approachable, as well as well-crafted, well-priced and more effectively, very wearable. Dawn & Dusk incorporates whimsy and sparkle with cubic zirconia, natural gemstones, created gemstones and sterling silver or vermeil for the metal choices.